Cadets - Training Day


  • Location: Check here for your location in every scene.
  • Objective: Check here for your objective in every scene.
  • Task: Check here to know what you need to do in every scene.

You're in your first year of training at the Home Office Academy. You are ready to head out to the obstacle course for training day, when you are summoned to the administrative building to speak with the Undersecretary of the Home Office! Have you done something wrong? You can't afford to miss training day! But you follow orders and head to the admin building. Little do you know, this will be your first true test as a future agent of the Home Office. One you must pass!

Our adventures are designed to be played on desktop and laptop computers. Our adventures will not fit on phones or small tablets.

1280 x 800

This is where you will find any documents or artifacts acquired during your mission. They will be necessary to solve a number of the puzzles on your adventure.

Hint #1

No one likes getting stuck. Reveal hints one at a time over here to help keep the mission going. The last hint will always be the code needed to progress to the next scene.

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